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200 Years After Alexander von Humboldt Remeasuring
The World From Quintus Media Offers A New View

Also on the Quintus media slate at MIPDoc and MIPTV is The Greatest Crimes Of All Times

Based in Berlin, Quintus Media GmbH founded in 2011 by Gerrit Kemming, has developed into one of the industry's leading boutique media agencies. The international distribution and media agency is unveiling new documentaries to MIPDoc and MIPTV. The trio of documentaries offered bore deep into the subjects covered: The Greatest Crimes Of All Times! (10 x 60') documents crimes that have attracted worldwide attention.

Based on exclusive archive material, original recordings and interviews with investigators and experts, the series sheds light on the worst crimes of all time with cases that shocked the world. Each episode showcases the world's four severest, and shocking cases in the specific crime subject. Viewers learn how the crimes were committed, where the motives of the offender lay, what fate the victim suffered, where the determining technical breakthroughs were and what ultimately happened to the offender up to the present day. The series is produced by Maximus Film.

Global Child TV (10 x 23') is a travel and adventure series featuring Augusto Valverde, produced by Produced by Global Child TV Productions. Valverde was once a club promoter in Miami, who after a spiritual transformation dedicates his life to inspiring people with his stories and adventures shared through a mixture of comedy, and the extensive use social media. In each episode he explores a life lesson by sharing with the audience how to use social media to unlock the dynamics of social media fully.

One hundred and fifty million square kilometers - that's the size of the world's surface. Until now, despite services like Google maps, there are still black spots on the worldwide map. Quintus Media is offering the documentary Remeasuring the World (1 x 48'). 200 years after Alexander von Humboldt's expeditions, radar satellites, drones and propelled special cameras are remeasuring the world - to the centimeter and around the clock. Produced by WeltN24, with the help of cutting-edge CGI, the film explains the high-tech surveillance of our planet in scientific, commercial, social and military areas - and illustrates how our lives are currently being changed by the new opportunities. Remeasuring the World offers a completely new view of planet earth.

About Quintus Media GmbH

Quintus Media GmbH founded in 2011 by Gerrit Kemming is one of the industry's leading international boutique media agency based in Berlin. The company's two-core business activities focus on the international distribution, co-production and financing of high-end documentaries and docu-series and the exploitation of video content in the worldwide digital landscape. Within these fields the company offers key services including Production Funding, Content Distribution & Aggregation, Deal Brokerage, Distribution Consultancy and Multi Channel Distribution. With its network of international sales partners Quintus Media has access to a sales force of over 30 experienced sales experts in twelve offices worldwide.


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