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From Japan To China Out To Space & Out Of Africa
Autentic Documentaries Travels The World & Beyond

Anne Hufnagel

Based in Cologne, Autentic Distribution's lineup of documentaries for MIPTV covers the gambit from spies to technical innovations. General manager Anne Hufnagel says: “We are at MIPDoc and MIPTV following on with our suitcases packed with remarkable series and special One-Offs which we are looking forward to presenting to programme buyers.”

Headlining the slate is Stalin's James Bond (52') which reveals a compelling story about ideals, beliefs, and betrayal. The film makes it clear why Richard Sorge can be seen as the model for Ian Fleming's undercover agent, James Bond: the bon vivant who fights against National Socialism, the daredevil who loves women as much as he does danger. This historical documentary functions as a thriller that focuses on loyalty, faith and love. Richard Sorge all but predicted the attack on the Soviet Union for June 20th – but Stalin despised the German spy who operated in Japan and chose not to believe him. Thus, Hitler's Operation Barbarossa on June 22nd 1941 had devastating consequences. In the same year, Sorge's spy ring was dismantled and in 1944, he was sentenced to death in Japan.

Shedding new light on one of the most controversial utopias of the 20th century, Inside Mao's China (52') tells the daring tale of life under a dictator. The communist government was once highly romanticized by young leftist activists in the West - especially in the early 1970s after China eased out of its age of isolation. However, a small previously unknown group of Westerners knew better: they were in China during the cultural revolution and experienced first-hand the upheavals and transgressions of the time. Their one of kind personal stories are combined with historical footage to create a unique film.

Inside Mao's China

Also on the slate is a documentary that examines the verification of the Neutrinos and the birth of Neutrino Astronomy, one of the keys to unlocking answers about outer space. In Black Holes: Messages from the Edge of the Universe, this scientific film introduces a new world to put us closer to answering old unanswered questions: How did the Universe come to be? What holds the world together at its innermost folds? Where do we come from? The film describes how astrophysicists, for the first time, can trace the extra-terrestrial elementary particles found embedded in the ice of the South Pole with a gigantic detector. Scientists view every particle as a potential carrier of information about their place of origin in space.

Robots are increasingly being used it society, and what the future holds for humankind has already been broached by our species. In Cyborgs: Human Machines (45‘) many have paved a way to finally being able to merge humankind with machines: Cyborgs have installed magnets in their fingertips, so as to be able to utilize electromagnetic fields and have planted chips that can open doors under their skin. Some have even had devices implanted in their cranium to sharpen their senses. Those who now seem like a bunch of nerds might actually be the pioneers of our technological future. Who are these people? What are they doing? Cyborgs: Human Machines shows the Cyborgs of our time, visits foundations and organisations, and asks questions about ethical boundaries.

Other titles on the slate include Children of the Sun – Wild Bees & Butterflies (2 x 52' ENG, Raising Wildlife (13x30‘).

About Autentic Distribution

Autentic Distribution, a 50:50 business partner with the WDR mediagroup and the Munich documentary label Autentic (part of the Beta Group), which is in Cologne that promotes and distributes Documentaries, Reportages and Factual Entertainment for TV as well as new medias and offers editorial support for publishing houses worldwide – independent of platform, direct or indirect distribution channel.


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