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Second Japanese Documentary Pitching Showcase Presented By Tokyo Docs Is Revealed Today

Yukihiko Amagi

Chaired by Yukihiko Amagi (pictured above) of Tokyo TV Forum, organizers of Tokyo Docs, the 2nd year of the MIPDoc and Tokyo Docs kicks off today. The showcase gives selected Japanese filmmakers the opportunity to pitch their new factual and documentary projects to a jury of international decision-makers. In 2016 the showcase was dynamic, exposing content that was enlightening to the Japanese culture and lifestyle. Now in its seventh year, Tokyo Docs is an annual international documentary festival that encourages talented Japanese filmmakers to co-produce films with overseas partners and introduces documentaries by Japanese filmmakers to the rest of the world. The festival also seeks to provide a range of exciting co-production opportunities to filmmakers from other parts of Asia. The Pitch – takes place today at the Producers hub 11:15 - 12:15 and is moderated by Kenichi Imamura, Executive Producer - International Co-Production NHK Enterprises. Inc.

The 2017 Line Up Of Projects
Dr. Maaya and the Colors of Life - Neurosurgeon-cum-fashion designer Dr. Maaya, weighing 105kg, works in medically underserved towns while creating collages of her own organs and incorporating them in her fashion designs. She ran away from home at the age of three because she got tired of her parents fighting. The film depicts how Maaya lives in the two contrasting worlds of medicine and fashion, comes to accept her past discord with her parents and discovers new Life.
Presented by: Kaori Mayama, Producer, The Far Eastern TV Entertainment, Japan; Yo Umezaki, Director, TV Tokyo Corporation, Japan.

Hug Me, Robot!—The Future of Elderly Care - A Japanese robotics expert is developing a communication robot designed to ease dementia symptoms, such as violence and wandering. When the remotely controlled device strikes up a conversation, dementia patients often break into a smile and begin talking despite the robot's unusual appearance. Trials involving the robot are underway in Japan and Europe. This program explores how this pioneering project might transform senior care. Presented by: Kengo Doi, Producer, Tokyo Video Center, Japan; Yoshio Shimizu, Producer, NHK Global Media Services, Japan.

Memories in One Twelfth - The Kawai's are a married couple running a metal processing factory in Tokyo. They use their skills to make detailed doll's houses, which recreate clients' memorial spaces - like a ramen restaurant run by an old lady who lost her husband, or a Japanese tavern where a grandmother used to serve dishes. This is a story about how people overcome their memories through the miniature, created in scale of 1/12th.
Presented by: Makoto Sugano, Director, Telecom Staff Inc., Japan.

SURYA—The Untold Story of Surya Bonaly - Brimming with energy, speed, and a unique blend of grace and grit, Surya Bonaly was a force to be reckoned with in the world of figure skating in the early 1990s. The legendary black female figure skater resisted conventions because she was first and foremost an artist whose audacious, defiant, and enthralling performances elevated the sport to a form of pure self-expression and challenged our perception of figure skating.
Presented by: Deborah Barillas, Producer, Vesuvius, Japan; Hyoe Yamamoto, Director, V.

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