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April 2nd

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Product Profile - Pre-School Series - Day 1 - April 1st
Magiki - Banjay Group - Stand: C20

Editorial Comment: Elspeth Tavares
Documentary Films Take A Firm Place Amongst
Popular Genres Internationally With The Consumer

Big Pacific has its World Premiere TV Screening at MIPDoc
Worldwide Documentary films are asserting an ever-growing and strong presence, with the consumer hungry for informed and enlightening analysis based on facts unknown of subjects that are affecting the world we live in, from the war in Syria, to the yet unexplored majesty and mystery of the Pacific Ocean. The festival exposure and theatrical release of documentaries underscore the growing appetite of the genre on the big and small screen, and streaming platforms worldwide. MIPDoc starting today celebrates its 20th year. The event, the first of its kind at the time, was innovated as a two day pre-MIPTV event to accommodate and facilitate the screenings of product for buyers. MIPDoc now boasts an expected and record attendance of 600 global buyers, all focused on documentaries, formats, and coproduction opportunities, with the screening booths solidly booked over the period.
The showcasing and world Premiere of TV series over the two day event are an ongoing success. Big Pacific, a ground-breaking series exploring the mysteries of planet's greatest ocean, makes its World Premiere Screening at MIPDoc today presented by ZDF Enterprises (18:00 - 19:00 in the Grand Theatre). The ambitious project is produced by New Zealand-based producer of factual television NHNZ, with coproduction partners from the US, Europe and Asia, that include PBS, CCTV9, ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, Discovery International, Channel 9 and Arte. The four one-hour episodes and the making-of special were shot in 4KHD on a substantial budget. ZDF Enterprises is handling worldwide distribution.

Angry Bird Blues
London-based CAKE, one of the leading kids' entertainment specialists, will launch Angry Birds Blues, a brand new edgy comedy series for 6-12 year olds starring the boisterous blue birds and hatchlings from The Angry Birds Movie during MIPTV.... Read more
Larry Mellon
Chimera Entertainment is the independent development company for digital entertainment software with a focus on mobile and PC; the studio has released more than 25 games... Read more
Yukihiko Amagi
Chaired by Yukihiko Amagi (pictured above) of Tokyo TV Forum, organizers of Tokyo Docs, the 2nd year of the MIPDoc and Tokyo Docs kicks off today... Read more
Anne Hufnagel
Based in Cologne, Autentic Distribution's lineup of documentaries for MIPTV covers the gambit from spies to technical innovations. General manager Anne Hufnagel says: 'We are at MIPDoc and MIPTV following on with our suitcases packed with remarkable series'... Read more
Gerrit Kemming
Based in Berlin, Quintus Media GmbH founded in 2011 by Gerrit Kemming, has developed into one of the industry's leading boutique media agencies. The international distribution and media agency is unveiling new documentaries to MIPDoc and MIPTV.... Read more
City Of Ghosts
Festival exposure at film festivals is and has been invaluable to the growth of the documentary genre fuelling the public's appetite to see more companies like NonStop Entertainment in different territories with divisions skewed... Read more
Ralf Rueckauer
MIPDoc, the leading factual content screenings and conferences, opens today and mark its 20th anniversary with a line-up of world premiere screenings and keynotes from some of the documentary.... Read more

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Day 1 - April 1st
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