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Japanese Documentary Pitching Showcase Featuring
Amagi Yukihiko Chairperson Tokyo TV Forum (NPO)
And Moderator Imamura Kenichi Executive Producer,
International Co-Production, NHK Enterprises. Inc.

The 84 Year Old Idols
In a first, MIPDoc and Tokyo Docs give selected Japanese filmmakers the opportunity to pitch their most compelling new factual and documentary projects to a jury of international decision-makers. Tokyo Docs is a documentary film event that provides filmmakers from Japan and other parts of Asia with opportunities to develop and realize international co-productions of documentary films.

Trailer - The 84 Year Old Idols
The 84-year-old Super Idols (promotional video above): With an average age of 84, the members of the Okinawan group KGB84 excite crowds with their energetic performances. Japan is facing numerous issues as its society ages, and yet these Super Idols continue to capture hearts and minds with their vital stage presence. This film looks at how some find and spread happiness, despite advancing age. Presented by Ms. Shiobara Fumiko, Producer, Shiobara Office, Inc. and Mr. Hinohara Ryo, Director, Tokyo Video Center, Inc.
Other selected projects include: Ceramics: The Great History of Clay and Fire: The birth and transformation of clay into clay-fired pots more than 16,000 years ago is still a mystery. People may have discovered clay walls hardened by a nearby campfire and, as a result, begun to make vessels. Today high-tech ceramics protect space shuttles that go well beyond the Earth. A voyage into the great history of ceramics through civilizations, art, technology and science. Presented by Mr. Shibata Shohei, Director, Temjin Co., Ltd.
Mountains, The Origin of Japan's Spirituality
: Mountains provide people with the blessings of nature but disasters can sometimes make them fearsome places. This programme introduces a family risking their lives to bring down a massive log for a traditional festival and an elite businessman who is a keen practitioner of mountain asceticism. These stories offer insights into how mountains continue to play a spiritual role in modern Japanese society. Presented by Ms. HIRO Riko, Director, Visual Folklore Inc and Ms. Miura Yoko, Producer, Visual Folklore Inc.
Dear Red Children
: It has been 50 years since the Chinese Cultural Revolution began. This film focuses on "Foreign Children" who became "Red Guards" and how they lived their lives, frequently on a roller coaster, and often with their parents arrested as spies. A reality about the Cultural Revolution that has not been fully explored before. Presented by Ms. Shiobara Fumiko, Producer, Shiobara Office, Inc. and Mr. Hinohara Ryo, Director, Tokyo Video Center, Inc.

Today Sat: 2 Apr - 14:30 - 15:30 Conference room

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