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Autentic Distribution Presents Its Highlights At MIPTV &
MIPDoc Including The Documentary Children of Dictators

Jan Haft's documentary - Magic Moment, Gigantic Pictures
Filmmakers visited Lucia Pinochet in Chile, Jaffar Amin in Uganda, Bettina Goering in Germany and Fidel Castro's daughter in Miami for Children of Dictators (4 x 52'). What is it like to be the son or daughter of a bloodthirsty dictator? The documentary, a 4-part co-production from Autentic and Spot Productions, investigates this question in a series of in-depth interviews. They conducted discussions which open up a new insight into the personalities of historical rulers and contribute to a deeper understanding of their history.
Mafia Queens
In contrast, Mafia Queens (4 x 52'), the women who pull the strings in the background for the organised crimes of the Camorra, are virtually unknown. The four-part Italian TV series portrays the lives and criminal careers of female Mafia bosses who today live under police protection. In rapid, candid film sequences and reconstructed scenes, the documentary illustrates the motives and mechanisms which enable women to advance to key positions in the clans.

Also on the Autentic slate, the German nature filmmaker Jan Haft transports his viewers to wetlands and the mysterious life they support in Magic Moment, Gigantic Pictures. His team spent around 500 days filming at 80 locations throughout the whole of Europe in order to show the flora and fauna as the seasons changed and convey the magical atmosphere of deserted landscapes.

About Autentic Distribution
Autentic Distribution is a joint venture of the German documentary label Autentic and the WDR mediagroup, formed in the beginning of 2014. Concentrating on exclusive portfolios to satisfy the demands of a changing international market, the company distributes a wide range of the best non-fiction productions from both companies in the public and private commercial broadcasting sector as well as from further national and international media-companies and producers. With such partners, Autentic Distribution's aim is to offer its customers from all areas of the media industry a comprehensive range of high-quality productions and a support for their interests.

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