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Known As Comfort Women Nine Philippine Survivors
Demand Justice From Japan For The WW2 Atrocity
Forgotten Sex Slaves
Ginger Foot Film Distribution headed by Björn Jensen based in Munich holds distribution rights on Forgotten Sex Slaves - Comfort Women In The Philippines. This poignant film tells the story of nine comfort women in the Philippines and follows their efforts to find justice. During the Second World War thousands of women in Asia were forced to work as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers. Some of them were still teenagers. They were raped, often beaten and abused. The Japanese called them "ianfu" or Comfort Women. After the war the survivors struggled to continue with their lives, hiding what many considered to be a "shame". Staying silent for more than 50 years they have started to tell their stories. The women are in their Eighties and Nineties and up to today, they are still waiting for official acknowledgment of their victimization and an adequate compensation. Forgotten Sex Slaves - Comfort Women In The Philippines is directed and produced by Björn Jensen, written by Björn Jensen, Crisanta Alcaraz-Jensen, Bettina Ehrhardt, edited by Alexander Laudien, with music composed by Jörg Winkelmann. The documentary was produced by Ginger Foot Films in cooperation with bce films & more GmbH.

Ginger Foot Film Distribution: Forgotten Sex Slaves
Ginger Foot Film Distribution's slate including Forgotten Sex Slaves can be viewed during MIPTV at MIPTV booth P-1.G83.

About Ginger Foot Film Distribution
Set up in 2007, Ginger Foot Film Distribution is an International Media Consultant that offers consulting services to documentary and feature film producers in the areas of development, financing, production and distribution. Based on years of experience in setting up numerous international productions we will help you to develop your story for an international audience, prepare you for pitching sessions and assist you in setting up calculation and financing plans, which meet the requirements of national film funds as well as international co-production treaties. The company can help you to finance your films by providing access to international co-production partners, TV stations and distributors.

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