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You're Afraid You'll Fall In Love With Me? Celebrating
Ingrid Bergman's Quintessential Grace & Simplicity

Ingrid Bergman Poster for Cannes 2015
In the immortal words of Ingrid Bergman from Notorious with Gary Grant: "You're afraid you'll fall in love with me." Each year we fall in love with Cannes, the world's leading Film Festival. At its press conference which always has an air of 'assurance' Thierry Fremaux announced the selected filmmakers who will vie to be recognized by what many consider to be the ultimate crowns in the worldwide film industry, the Palme d'Or and Camera d'Or.

Over the years, the films winning the Palme have seen the industry register shock, surprise, disbelief, wonderment, and often well-deserved joy for a particular film. The Camera d'Or less so as its serves to recognize first time directors so its underlining agenda comes from a different creative measure.

The Festival selection overall places its emphasis on emerging new directors from various countries in the line-up, and noticeably more women are in both the film lineup and on the Jury for the various official sections of Festival.

Pierre Lescure, elected President on 14 January 2014, gave his first press conference alongside Thierry Fremaux, General Delegate. He spoke of the new underlying theme of the environment overall for the festival: securing sponsors Kering and Mastercard, illustrating the worldwide reach of the Festival de Cannes with consumers, the ultimate purveyors of films.

On the subject of the notorious selfies - bravo to Lescure who did not mince his words pointing out the absurdity of the inane practice of 'selfies' - he says whilst the Festival won't police the practice, he hopes that people will refrain from this idiotic posturing which serves no purpose.
I for one am not afraid to fall in love with the Cannes Film Festival - again for its choice of Ingrid Bergman for the poster and to honor her. The poster is one of the most beautiful ever produced - and there have been some greats - the Festival press release couldn't say it better.

"Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman was a modern icon, an emancipated woman, an intrepid actress, and a figurehead for the new realism. She changed roles and adoptive countries as the mood took her, but never lost sight of her quintessential grace and simplicity."

The poster captures all those attributes of Ingrid Bergman.

Many years ago towards the end of her life, I was fortunate to 'meet' this great lady coming out of Coutts bank in Mayfair - simply but elegantly dressed - she had incredible presence. Never normally star struck, I had just watched For Whom The Bells Tolls - and there in front of me was the great actress - looking not that much different from the film. I could not help but approach and say: "Excuse me, but I just watched For Whom the Bell Tolls." She was most gracious and afforded me a few moments of her time. My heart soared - such elegance, class, charm and that untouchable sense of serenity.

This year's poster of Ingrid Bergman is based on a photograph by David Seymour, co-founder of Magnum Agency, Herve Chigioni, who also created for last year's Festival poster, was once again behind this year's image, with his graphic designer Gilles Frappier. Chigioni also produced an animated film (above) based on the visual, featuring a remix of the Festival's theme music, "The Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens, arranged by two Swedish musicians, Patrik Andersson and Andreas Soderstrom.

Her daughter Isabella Rossellini who is presiding over the Camera d'Or Jury said: "My family and I are deeply moved that the Festival de Cannes has chosen to feature our magnificent mother on the official poster to mark the centenary of her birth. Her outstanding career covered so many countries, from the smallest European independent films to the greatest Hollywood productions. Mum adored working as an actress: for her acting was not a profession but vocation. As she put it, 'I didn't choose acting, acting chose me." -- Ingrid Bergman who was President of the Jury in 1973.

I for one am not afraid to fall in love with Cannes - again.

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