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AFM 2016:
A Solid Infrastructure Strengthened By Local Talent To Sustain The Region's Future As A Media Hub twofour54...
On the occasion of the Abu Dhabi government's Golden Jubilee, Acting CEO of twofour54, Maryam Al Mheiri, shared the vision of the company, its achievements and future direction, saying: "Our vision is to become an international hub...
MIPCOM 2016:
STARZ Headlines Original Drama Series The White Princess & Acquisition Action Series Insomnia For...
Gene George, EVP of Worldwide Distribution, headlines for global buyers at MIPCOM STARZ's new Original Series The White Princess, an epic of the same name and part of The Cousins' War book from international bestselling author Philippa...
CANNES 2016:
Frances McDormand The Face Of Women In Motion 2016
The second edition of the Women in Motion programme will take place during 69th Festival de Cannes. Frances McDormand, who shone the light on gender bias practices within the film industry during 'Women in Motion' programme's first edition, has been chosen by Kering and the Festival de Cannes for this year's official...
MIPTV 2016:
Pia Grünler Takes The Helm At Nordic Theatrical
Pia Grünler has taken up her position at Svensk Filmindustri, the leading Nordic major, as Nordic Head of Theatrical effective April 1st. In her new position at Svensk Filmindustri, she will have the overall responsibility for the company's Nordic theatrical distribution operation and on a national level head the local Swedish...
Berlin 2016:
Opening Film Berlinale 2016 - Hail, Caesar!
Hail, Caesar! Competition 2016 /USA/GBR 2015 Directors: Joel & Ethan Coen - The Minister of State and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media Prof. Monika Grutters, the Mayor of Berlin Michael Muller, Jury President Meryl Streep and Festival Director Dieter Kosslick open the 66th Berlin International Film Festival...
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